Chris Kacik has been in the floor covering industry since 2005. He works as an installer, inspector, consultant and expert witness.

Chris knows the importance of continuing education and, regularly attends industry events and seminars.

He is an NWFA certified wood floor covering Inspector, providing investigation and analysis of floor covering problems and failures. Green Oak offer consulting, testing and inspections for all wood floor coverings, concrete subfloors, wood flooring finishes, flooring adhesives and underlays. We specialize in providing answers and solutions for numerous floor covering related problems. We are able to provide answers to your questions, proficient advice and comprehensive reports.

We have many years of industry experience and continuous improvement by research, seminars and trade literature. Our services provide you with professional level analysis identifying installation, maintenance or manufacturing related problems. We perform residential and commercial inspections. We are able to render an unbiased expert opinion based on observations and testing as to what is responsible for the flooring failure.

Our services are available to: manufacturers, distributors, architects, designers, consumers, solicitors and others.

We offer:

  • Consulting.
  • Onsite evaluation:
  1. Chronological history of installation and materials
  2. Detailed list of observed problems
  3. Field-tests and lab-tests (if needed)
  4. Collection of samples (if possible)
  5. Full spectrum photographs
  • Preparation of independent, professional report according to industry guidelines and standards.
  • Expert witness
  • Concrete testing

The consultation prior to the purchase of a new floor will help match the floor you need to your lifestyle. The evaluation process addresses all concerns, points out problems and helps collect documentation.

The report will give you an exact answer as to who is responsible for floor failure.


Jobsite and finish problems:

Crowning – delamination – Color blend – End lifting – Finish peeling – Gloss variations – Poor bond – Mechanical fastening failures – Indentations – Cupping – Gaps – Splits – Checks – Cracks – Board damage – Finish problems – Adhesive failure – Insect infestation – Mineral streaks – Bark pockets – Rot – Warp – Premature wear – Sand and finish problems – Machine burn – Edge defects – Raised grain – Splinters – Light ends – Out of square – Windshake – Crooks – Buckling – Overwood – Bond Failure – Dish out – Squeaky floors – Discoloration – Pin holes – Panelization – Chatter marks – Sticker stain – Bleed back – Bubbles – Alligatoring – Applicator streaks – sheen variation – squeaking – Greenhouse effect – Picture framing (Halo) – Cratering – Peeling – Cloudy finish – Fisheyes – Unlevel substrates – Water damage – Improper expansion spacing – Locked in – Out of rack – Shipping and/or handling damage – Failure to inspect and cull – Moisture damage – Crawl space requirements – Improper staggering/offset – adhesive residue – bond failure – improper adhesive – inappropriate trowel notch – Hollow tiles – Animal related issues – Failure to document and moisture test – Flatness variations.