We hold ourselves to
a strong belief system


01. Recognisable by our Quality

With every project, we believe that constant communication and care is key to its success. Our customers benefit from a systematic system that leaves nothing to chance. From the initial full assessment right through to our after-care service, we believe that the manner in which the job is carried out must match the quality of the finished product.

02. Sustainable passion

Our green credentials have been at the core of our business since its foundation. We specifically use only water-based lacquers and oils, and avoid the use of solvent-based materials and products containing formaldehyde. All our wood is sourced from environmentally-reputable manufacturers in Canada and Europe, and advocate the use of reclaimed materials whenever possible.

03. Motivated by discovery

An essential part of any business is to develop new skills, and we always keep up to date with the latest developments in our industry. As a regular attendee of technical courses and workshops in the US, we are constantly upgrading our certified skill levels to retain our strongly regulated Inspectors Certificates, which help us offer a more complete service to our customers.

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