Location: Killiney Hill, Dublin
Project Size: 82 sq meters
Type of wood: Reclaimed Parquet


Family of 4 with 5 dogs having creamy carpet in the entrance hall and one of the rooms. Second room has 6” engineered oak floor installed as floated. They want floor covering that it would be hypoallergenic and easy to clean. They also want floor that will suit theirs collection of vintage furniture and the overall style of their Victorian residence. Client opts for environmentally sound product that will have classic look and uniqueness at the same time.

Out of many options available they went for very unique exotic wood called Panga Panga in classic herringbone pattern 9” by 3”. This at least 60 years old floor have been salvaged from De Beers London offices that have been completely refurbished.

Reclaimed Wood | Hardwood Flooring | Solid Hardwood | Dublin Reclaimed Wood | Hardwood Flooring | Solid Hardwood | Dublin


New floor to be fitted onto two types of subfloor: 1) existing suspended wood floor consisting original pine floorboards badly damaged during basic renovation that house underwent around 2005. 2) concrete subfloor in one of the rooms that was out of flat and with Moisture Content ranging from 2.5% to 4%

Salvaged wood blocks have been originally glued down with bitumen which has to be completely removed before it can be glued again.

All pieces of wood block have to be carefully inspected before installation in order to eliminate ones that have been damaged during previous service and uplifting process. Short length of all blocks and lack of tongue and groove have became particularly challenging during installation on 3 steps at the end of the hallway leading to TV Room and an Office


First we installed Moisture Barrier over existing plank floors and concrete subfloor.

Next step involved new subfloor installation – 18mm OSB3 – screwed into wooden subfloor and glued over concrete subfloor in one of the rooms. Having new sound and flat subfloor installed we then proceeded to wood block installation in traditional herringbone pattern with the border. After successful installation we sanded whole area and trowel-filled all gaps creating very smooth and uniform surface. Using special jointing technique we used the same reclaimed pieces of floor to create parts that covered treads and raisers on the steps.

Most intriguing part of the project consisted few pieces of the wood that have been bend to follow original curvature of the bottom step of the main staircase in the hallway. Bending 60 year old reclaimed exotic wood became the most exciting part of the project. Our extensive knowledge and specialist equipment allowed us to execute this phase of the installation very smooth and also with tremendous final result.


This extraordinary reclaimed wood will be enjoyed for many years to come. All that achieved with passion and excellence.

Reclaimed Wood | Hardwood Flooring | Solid Hardwood | DublinReclaimed Wood | Hardwood Flooring | Solid Hardwood | Dublin