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Will the amount of traffic in the room really affect my choice of wood?

YES! Both finish and the color will be affected by the amount of foot traffic in the room. Lighter colors like maple or oak doesn’t show wear as quick as darker colors like black walnut or ebony. Glossy finishes are not recommended. Extra attention is required for all high traffic areas, for example: recoating every 6-18 months.

What color should I choose for my space?

Darker colors make your spaces seem smaller and show wear quicker, while lighter or natural colors give an open feeling to the room. Oak and maple are two of the most popular options. You also want your floor to compliment the existing decor and personality of your room. Darker colors will work best in formal and traditional spaces. Lighter colors look great with a country, casual, or contemporary interiors.

How do I care for my hardwood floors?

Sweep regularly, high traffic areas will need special attention. You should purchase a wood floor cleaning kit to keep your surfaces in the best possible condition. Remove any spill of liquid (water, juice or other drinks) immediately.

How long will it take to refinish my floors?

An average sized home in Dublin usually consists of a living room, dining room, a couple of bedrooms and a hallway. If the floors don’t need any repairs and you’re not staining them, we can usually refinish the floors in 3-4 days. The first and second day is the longest. In that time we will concentrate on sanding your floors to the bare wood. If things go well we usually can have the first coat on at the end of the second day. During the next two days we apply the second and third coats of finish. The last coat takes about 5 hours to dry. It is important for you to know that varnish take 48-72 hours to harden completely, and during that time you should be very careful especially when moving furniture. If you decide to have us stain your floors, this will add at least another day to the process. Other extras like stairs, carpet removal and repairs also add time.

What kind of finishes do we use?

Green Oak Floor | Ask the ExpertWe are using only the best products available on the market. For every residential project we only use commercial grade materials to ensure the very best finish.

How bad will the smell and fumes be?

We don’t use solvent based finishes so there will be no smell or fumes which can be very uncomfortable for you and bad for your health. We only use ‘green’ products to finish your floors.


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