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Our services are available to architects, designers, homeowners, manufacturers, distributors, solicitors and others.

Whatever the scope of your flooring project, Green Oak is the best source for consultancy, design and craftsmanship.

Certified Inspection & Report

Cost: €500

Over the years our floor inspection service has been used by Manufacturers, Distributors, Architects, Interior Designers, Home Owners and Solicitors amongst others. As Ireland’s only Certified Floor Inspector, Green Oak have worked as an installer, inspector, and consultant since we first opened our doors in 2005.

Green Oak have also been commissioned to appear as an expert witness on several occasions.

Our evaluation process addresses all concerns, points out problems and helps collect documentation. The comprehensive report will give you an exact answer as to who is responsible for floor failure. It itemises the following:

  • A chronological history of installation and materials;
  • A detailed list of observed problems;
  • Full spectrum of photographs;
  • Preparation of independent, professional report in accordance with industry guidelines and standards.

Note: This report may be expanded to include Field and Laboratory testing, Concrete testing and the collection of samples. More detailed reporting can be costed separately depending on requirement.

Site Assessment

Cost: €250

We offer a comprehensive on-site assessment service for all wood floor coverings, concrete subfloors, wood flooring finishes, flooring adhesives and underlays. We specialize in providing answers and solutions for numerous floor covering related problems. We are able to provide answers to your questions and professional advice.

We perform residential and commercial site assessments, and are able to offer an unbiased expert opinion based on observations.